Youth workers’ and educators’ training “Press Alt for Tourism” blog by Oliver

I decided to apply because this project was related to my profession, i.e. tourism. I also assumed that this project would also be good for meeting new people. Since I haven’t taken part in Erasmus projects before, I didn’t know exactly what was waiting for me. However, I assumed it would be cool, and it was.

My contribution before the project was rather small, I only prepared a few things for the evening of Estonian culture. During the project, I had to contribute a lot, because every day was full of activities that required a lot of empathy and participation in the activities.

It is difficult to point out what I have learned specifically, but I would point out that every activity develops and you never know what you have experienced can be useful in life. I would say that this project focused more on developing self-expression and communication. At the same time, those who are far from tourism also learned a lot about the tourism sector. I liked the evenings of different cultures and interacting with people of other nationalities the most. There were interesting debates both in the compulsory program and in free time. In addition, I would point out as a big win that I got new contacts to work with in the future.

I would definitely recommend everyone who has the opportunity to take part in various international projects, because meeting new people and getting out of your comfort zone is a driving force in life and injects you with the joy of life and motivation to do something yourself. 346099875_1418792722214403_1747555168077354338_n 341728281_180207074933204_2478932649466721346_n 341732492_1350205335711367_4266590594188622965_n 341750356_1220646868631829_2696627370599881898_n 341854719_1173111926691704_3119756244370918728_n 342020903_892396551835779_642092015826277482_n 346016543_778517197340491_6880700774808168691_n 346025933_236306832380746_8664146908547698449_n 346094431_1390520501518845_7103560071079534689_n