Rabarada's founder Heli

HELI ILLIPE (1974) is the senior manager of NGO Rabarada. She has been Erasmus+ projects’ manager at gymnasium since 2014, has initiated, written and managed KA101 (school staff mobility) projects and KA229 (strategic partnership projects for schools only) projects. Currently coordinating projects for school staff mobility and KA229 project “We start up” with 5 partners and topic on entrepreneurship skills and startups ecosystems in Estonia for high school students. Heli is working as a biology teacher since 2012 and has been active in environmental and STEM education initiatives. She also has a training in entrepreneurship education for schools and is an entrepreneurial education coordinator. She is a board member of the Association of Estonia Biology Educators and active member of Estonian Science Teachers’ Union, contributing as project writer, communication officer and photographer. Heli is volunteering in local community promoting healthy and sustainable lifestyle and love for nature. She is an author of 9 children books and the founder of the publishing company to promote science fiction in Estonia. Heli is fluent in English and Russian languages.

Rabarada's co-founder Berit

BERIT JUHKAM (1996) is the communications manager of Rabarada and graduated in summer 2022 her master studies in food technology at the University of Life Sciences. Her daily job is in a biotechnology laboratory in Tartu. Berit has participated in many Erasmus+ projects, being both a participant and a group leader, and has also hosted international students. Berit is very creative - she has published two young adult fantasy books and in her free time she likes to write songs, sing and play the guitar. Berit is a great communicator and a real life of the party, with whom it’s always a thrill to go hiking or traveling to more distant places. She also likes going to the gym and swimming at any possible moment. She takes interest in anything nutrition- or cooking-related and is committed to promoting delicious and healthy home cooking. Berit is fluent in English and has also studied German.