ERASMUS+ KA152_2022 "Press Alt for Tourism" training course in Busot, Spain

Training course for youth will take place in Busot, Spain in April 2023.

About the project.

“Press Alt for Tourism: The Youth’s contribution to alternative tourism in the EU” will involve 35 participants from 7 different countries: Spain, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Netherlands, Hungary, and Estonia. Each national group will be formed by 4 participants and 1 group leader. The selection of the participants will be the responsibility of each partner in the project and will be done according to the principles of inclusiveness and diversity. In the process of making the partnerships for this project, the main idea was to choose partners with different cultural, religious, and language traditions and with different experiences in the Erasmus+ program. Thanks to this project, youth will be able to address these problems and apply new non-formal knowledge and methodologies that will help to promote and improve alternative tourism in different parts of Europe. Moreover, they will share different points of view based on their experiences and multiculturality.


• Promote alternative tourism among youth from different parts of Europe;

• Reduction of overcrowding of some popular destinations;

• Promote youth tourism (such as backpacking, adventure, volunteer, event, cycle, and nature-based tourism);

• Promote entrepreneurship skills among youth;

• Promote digital marketing skills among youth;

• Apply a circular economy for the good use of resources;

• Take care of the environment.

Our partners are:

Crea360 (Spain, coordinator)

Comune di Caorle (Italy)

• Budapest international youth group (Hungary)

• Digitalni Decanteri (Serbia)

Asociatia Impressum (Romania)

Stichting Jong (Holland)