PARTICIPANTS FOUND! ERASMUS+ KA152_2022 "Press Alt for Tourism" training course in Busot, SPAIN is looking for participants from Estonia

Erasmus+ youth training course "Press Alt for Tourism: The Youth’s contribution to alternative tourism in the EU " in Busot, SPAIN will take place from 25th of April – 2nd of May 2023. Busot is a village located in Province of Alicante.

8-days youth training program is created to promote alternative tourism among youth from different parts of Europe, reduce of overcrowding of some popular destinations, promote youth tourism, entrepreneurship skills and digital marketing skills, apply a circular economy for the good use of resources, and take care of the environment. The project will gather 35 young people from 7 different countries: Italy, Spain, Hungary, Serbia, Netherlands, Romania and Estonia.

• 5 people per country (4 + 1 group leader) • aged 18+

COSTS: • Accommodation and food are fully covered by the Erasmus+ program • Travel tickets will be reimbursed according to the real costs up till 360€ • MTÜ Rabarada participation fee 15€

Contact: Heli Illipe,