Youth Exchange Blog: SOLIDEU in Villalar de los Comuneros, Spain, by Kalle

I had the incredible opportunity to participate in an Erasmus project in the charming town of Villalar de los Comuneros, Spain. This two-week venture aimed at promoting youth engagement in voluntary projects and fostering intercultural understanding among participants from diverse countries and cultures.

Driven by a passion for addressing key challenges facing Europe, such as equality, environmental care, and demographic issues, I actively immersed myself in various project activities. Despite the concurrent demands of school, I was determined to make the most of every opportunity.

The heart of the experience lay in the evenings spent together, where the group formed strong bonds over countless cups of tea. These cozy gatherings became a platform for sharing perspectives and experiences, creating a framework for free expression.

In addition to the project activities, the Coming and Going phase allowed us to explore the vibrant streets of Madrid, adding an exciting dimension to our cultural exchange. Reflecting on my overall Erasmus experience, I realized the transformative power of such projects. Having participated in two previous Erasmus initiatives, each one offered a unique learning experience and expanded my understanding of global challenges.

As I left Villalar de los Comuneros, I carried with me not only cherished memories but also a deep sense of fulfillment, knowing that our collective efforts contributed to intercultural understanding and the pursuit of Sustainable Development Goals. With the prospect of future Erasmus adventures, perhaps in the dynamic city of Berlin, I look forward to continuing this enriching journey of exploration and growth.