Youth Exchange Blog: Equestrian Tourism in Spain by Mette

I decided to take part in this project because I have been actively involved with horses for 8 years and I was very interested in a program called “Equestrian Tourism”.

I have previously taken part in an Erasmus+ program on Rural tourism in Alicante, in 2023. My expectations were a bit higher as the previous project had a bit less thematic activities.

Before the project, my country mates and I came up with what to offer at the Estonian representative evening (food, drinks) and on the spot we put together a nice presentation about our fierce country and culture. In addition, we taught them different Estonian games and dances.

During the project I took part in various lectures, workshops and field trips. In addition, we also taught our companions a little Estonian, which they found very comical. I was a very open communicator and always helped anyone who needed it.

Personally, I didn’t learn very much new there, but not because the programme wasn’t educational, not at all. As I am very knowledgeable about horses and also a professional rider, I heard a lot of information that I already knew BUT the program was very varied and relevant and those who don’t know very much about the equestrian world certainly learned a lot! I learned more about the Spanish culture and got to see how horses are handled in Spain.

I would definitely recommend continuing with the excursions – to different towns and villages. It was great to see different cities, their cultures and the locals.

In exchange, I would improve the cleaning a bit – otherwise everything was very nice and well done, but unfortunately there was too much dust in our cottage and I, as a dust allergy sufferer, unfortunately had to deal with allergies as a result. But it was not too bad! I managed!

Personally, I liked the outings the most. We went to a riding school where we saw some of the final year riders practicing for a show. It was really cool to see!

It was also cool to see farm-style stables where there was a specific owner, with his five horses, dog, cat and donkeys. Just like in the movies!

The third place would be all the small towns/villages we visited put together. Very, very beautiful historical buildings and stories. Super cute locals!

I would definitely recommend projects like this to everyone I know! From this project you will get a lot of new knowledge, new acquaintances and immerse yourself in another culture!

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