Student Exchange Blog: "United Colours" in London, 5th Day by Kristiina

Our last day in London was Friday, the 3rd of June. This day was rather busy, as we had our flight back home in the evening. We were informed that the Tube might experience some changes in the schedule and, therefore, we decided to set off slightly in advance. Nonetheless, on Friday all the students were able to participate in the training course devoted to using 3D printers. They learned how to set a 3D printer, how to design an object using specified tools and even printed an object of their own. As it was the last day of the project, the issue of the certificates was held there, so all the participants got their certificates of attendance and the school representatives received memorable gifts and souvenirs. I have never taken part in Erasmus projects before and it was a great pleasure for me to participate in this youth exchange in London. As there were a lot of partners and many people involved, at times it was difficult to organise all the members and events with them, however, the host tried to do their best to use the time efficiently and productively. I am absolutely convinced that being the organiser of such an event includes a lot of effort and time and is an absolutely highly responsible mission. Although the exchange was quite thoroughly thought through and planned, there are still some aspects that could be paid more attention to in the future, namely time management and organisation. Undoubtedly, with such a great number of participants it is extremely hard to plan and think everything through in advance. However, one beneficial skill is to stick to time frames. This way, some difficulties and concerns could be minimised or even avoided. All in all, this exchange was a superb experience which all of us, without a shadow of doubt, will remember forever. We visited the museums, got to see some amazing and breathtaking spots in London, and, what is the most important, we met a lot of fantastic, friendly, affectionate and extremely warm-hearted people. We shared our ways of lives, we had a chance to immerse ourselves in a different culture and we definitely acquired some new knowledge, which will be absolutely beneficial for every participant.

Written by Kristiina

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