Student Exchange Blog: "United Colours" in London, 4th Day by Anna

Today's day started off with The museum of London. Upon arriving at the museum we couldn’t immediately go inside as the other country teams hadn’t arrived yet. When everyone finally arrived we entered the museum and had free time there. The museum itself was fascinating. We saw a lot of pre-London gadgets and a lot of fashion from the olden days. My favorite part had to be the downstairs floor as it was full of walls with small clips playing where people spoke about their experience in London or just talked about the history of London. Another thing that I really enjoyed in the museum was the real life mediaeval hallway. It looked as if I was taken back in time and walked down the streets of old London. Overall, The museum of London was interesting and had a lot of real life objects from the past as well as easy snippets of history to accompany the pieces. After that we had to take the metro to our next stop which was The museum of London Docklands. Getting there wasn’t a problem as it usually is with the English underground. The museum of London Docklands was quite similar to The museum of London in the sense that they both had real life objects and small rooms that looked identical to the olden days. Personally, I liked The museum of London more because it was visually more appealing and I connected to the topics more. The most challenging and funny part of our day was trying to get from The museum of London Docklands to the 0 point in Greenwich. Getting to Greenwich was a problem as we weren’t sure which way to go and we lost a few students along the way (we found them all later). After arriving at Greenwich we saw the famous Cutty Sark boat which was smaller than I imagined but still impressive. Having seen the boat we then went to the 0 point which was on a hill in a beautiful park. Sadly, we didn’t get to stand on the 0 point as the tickets were all sold out but seeing it was just as fascinating. After visiting all the tourist attractions we had free time so me and my friend went to a local market in Greenwich. It was filled with food and various souvenirs. At that market we saw a real live atmosphere and felt the authentic London. Overall, it being my first Erasmus project I enjoyed it and would definitely like to visit another project in the near future but maybe in a country with a warmer climate. All in all, walking a lot through London over those 5 days I saw how alive and welcoming the people are and how gorgeous all parts of the city are. I would definitely love to come back and do a little bit more exploring and eating in London.

Written by Anna

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