I decided to participate in this project because it was a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship, practice my skills, and meet students from different cultures and backgrounds. I was eager to represent our school and introduce others to our country. I have been a part of Erasmus projects before. I was a representative from Estonia in Spain. My expectations for this project were high because I enjoyed and got a lot out of the previous one.

My task was to guide international students around Tallinn and mentor them during activities. On the first day, we presented our elevator speech and were introduced to EntreComp, the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework. I was excited to learn about it, as my goal was to expand my knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship. Afterward, I told my small group about the history of Tallinn and took them to an ice rink. I loved working with Vasiliki, Carmen, Yoren, Irem, and Jo’Ardie. Over the week, we became close friends. On Wednesday, we worked as a team on creating a business plan. Not only did it bring us closer together, but we also learned a valuable lesson on the social business model. Most importantly, I think that our proposition has the potential to improve our daily life significantly. I enjoyed this activity the most, as I was able to support my group, and everyone benefitted heavily from the project.

What I would improve is time management and transportation. Sometimes, our groups were late to the museums and activities because of complications with transport. In my opinion, the students of the host country could help more with the organization of activities. I would be glad to help with the next project.

I recommend this kind of exchange to all of my peers. I have benefitted a lot from taking part in such projects. The best part of this project was the people I met. Especially my new friends, who made it so memorable. Moreover, I was excited to go to Tallinn University and TalTech Mektory. I am very grateful to everyone who made this project possible!

Written by Ilja