Student exchange blog "United colors" in Tallinn by Evelina

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in the international “Erasmus” project. The topic of this project was “Entrepreneurship”. In this sense, I am really interested in business and because of this I so badly wanted to take part in this project. Additionally, to meet other students from different countries and get acquainted with them. My feelings were intriguing because I had never before participated in this kind of project. However, to take part in the “Erasmus” project was the right decision that I made. The week of the project was really awesome and unforgettable. I could not even expect that it would be so amazing! In this meaning, the project gave me a lot of new information about business and I discovered a bunch of new stuff about different countries. In that week of the project, international students and I were talking about business and almost every day we met various start-ups in Tallinn, which was really good. Also, there were some activities among students in order to meet them closer and find out about their interests, which was a perfect idea. In that period of time, I definitely can say that students and teachers got closer to each other with these activities.

Thanks to this project my communicative skills were improved because every day I was engaging with other students. Furthermore, the guests from different countries were really polite, excited and friendly. They were extra communicative and always very curious about Estonia as a country. They had a lot of fascinating questions about the country. I appreciated that because in this way they took an interest in my country. Students who participated in this project were telling interesting facts about their own countries. They were creating a friendly and warm atmosphere, which was nice. The organization of the project went very well. The schedule was really clear and wonderful. There were: start-ups of different companies, activities in Tallinn Old Town, visiting museums, a hike in a bog, visiting TalTech University and Tallinn University. In that week of the “Erasmus” project I learned many intriguing things. From the plans of business and their concepts to communication with students from around the world. I have no regrets for going to this project and I definitely will not miss the opportunity to take part again.

Written by Evelina