Student exchange blog "United colors" in Tallinn by Aaryan

The Erasmus+ project “United Colours of Young European Businessmen” was made to support the youth of today’s world in education and training. In the one week I spent participating in the project, not only did I get to experience hands-on learning and education on the subjects, but I also got the chance to interact with people from all around the world and rediscover my country through a fresh lens.

The project was especially enticing for me as it focussed on social entrepreneurship and the youth. It is important for people to think and develop ideas and do so for society. I remember starting the project with the principal – Anneliis – telling us something very important. It was along the lines of: „The future is upon you, it is for you all to decide how world will go on, and it is your task to lead the world to success. Our future is nothing without you guys, so make us proud.“ She was very inspiring and that is something I will remember throughout my life, but it was also something I saw during the week.

As for social entrepreneurship, we did a ton of fun and amazing activities. By far the most interesting activity was the social entrepreneurship activity given to us by Tallinn University. In this activity, we were able to interact with seniors in the college to create a business plan and pitch the business plan to others. We spent a lot of time thinking and creating ideas that we would like to implement that would truly change society for the better. While spending all this time creating the ideas with my group, I learned a lot about the different problems in different countries and how culture greatly impacts many decisions.

One of my favourite visits was to the Pääsküla bog, not only did me and my peers enjoy snow so much, but we also learned about Land – one of the four factors of production – and how the bog has contributed a lot of resources to Estonia. A notable experience for me was the trip to the Maritime Museum, we were given a guided tour and learned many things about Estonian history and trade. We were also given a chance by them to handle the wood of old ships.

All in all, the experience had been amazing, even though it was just a week, I felt like I truly connected with the people. I am extremely grateful for being given the chance to participate in this amazing project and I would also like to extend my thanks to Heli and all the other faculty for organising this event, I could not imagine trying to do this. Thank you!

Written by Aaryan