FINAL OUTPUT of E+ youth exchange project “Eat green, behave clean, and build the dream” in Belluno, ITALY

29th September is the International Day of Awareness on Food Loss and Waste Reduction.

🍎 #Food lies at the heart of our lives: it is vital for our survival, and links us to our natural and social environment in a unique way.

🥬 In May 2022 NINA APS launched an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange in the Belluno Dolomites to raise young people’s awareness on sustainable patterns of food consumption and production for climate change mitigation.

♻️ Thanks to the many activities carried out throughout the exchange, 26 young people from 5 different European countries have become more conscious about the nexus between food consumption, human rights, and environmental issues.

🥗 To know more about the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange “EAT GREEN, BEHAVE CLEAN AND BUILD THE DREAM!”, and other projects by NINA APS towards the protection of the right to food, see our booklet! EAT GREEN, BEHAVE CLEAN AND BUILD THE DREAM!.pdf