PARTICIPANTS FOUND! Erasmus+ youth exchange project "Eat green, behave clean and build the dream" in ITALY is looking for participants from Estonia!

Erasmus+ youth exchange "Eat green, behave clean and build the dream" will take place in Belluno, Italy 4.–8. of May 2022. Belluno is a beautiful town in the heart of the Dolomites National Park.

The projects aims to raise awareness on sustainable patterns of food consumption and production for climate change mitigation, activating young people and enabling them to develop and learn about green practices and behaviors and to influence institutional decisions, so they can lead us to a sustainable global food system.

The project will gather 26 youngsters from 5 different countries: Italy, Greece, Spain, Poland and Estonia.


If you are interested please send us e-mail: Heli Illipe-Sootak, Application deadline: 14th of March 2022