Youth exchange will take place 1st–7th of October, 2022 in Florence, Italy.


Young people are usually more aware and ready to act but may feel disoriented and without practical guidance. Our project "Green Yourself" aims to reduce this distance by increasing awareness and critical thinking on environmental issues, developing concrete actions to positively and daily impact the environment. For this reason, we have created a 7 days youth exchange program, with the desire:

• to impact the participants is to increase their self-esteem and to achieve an awareness of the important role they can play in their local communities if they actively participate in collective life.

• A small gesture, such as recycling and reuse, can be transformed into something bigger!

Every day participants will focus on different aspects of environmental conservation, linked to daily human activity (such as recycling, reuse, conscious consumption., etc) using non-formal learning methods (role-play, brainstorming, art workshops, learning-by-doing). Then, they will learn how to self-produce or reuse in a creative way tools and objects used daily. Each national group will develop an aspect of the theme or propose reuse techniques during the workshops. Local NGOs and institutions will intervene during the exchange to share their good practices and knowledge. To spread what participants learn every day, they will create a blog where they will write how to make eco-friendly and do-it-yourself products. Photos and video tutorials can be included to further encourage people to follow the blog and learn how to adopt greener behaviours. Along with the tutorials, green tips collected during discussions and meetings can be included in other posts.


When: 1–7 October 2022

Where: Florence, Italy

Participants: 30 (5 participants aged 18–25 + 1 group leader each country)

ACTIVITIES: • Recycling and reuse workshops

• Insights on environmental issues through non-formal learning methods (role-play, brainstorming, learning-by-doing, etc)

• Visits in the local context

• Creation of a blog on the project topic