Erasmus+ KA151_2023 youth exchange project "Equestrian tourism"

Youth exchange will take place 29th of May to 7th of June 2024 in Pasarón de la Vera, Spain.

Objectives of the project.

  1. To promote cultural exchange and mutual understanding between young people from different European countries through participation in equestrian tourist activities Extremadura.
  2. Promote sustainability and environmental awareness among participants by highlighting the importance of nature preservation ecological horse riding.
  3. To improve riding skills and knowledge of horses among the young participants by providing learning practice opportunities in a safe controlled environment.
  4. To strengthen the intercultural and linguistic skills of young people by working in teams with different nationalities learning foreign languages.
  5. To promote social inclusion and equal opportunities by providing access to equestrian tourism activities for young people from diverse backgrounds, including those with disabilities.
  6. To boost the employability of young people by providing them with experience in equestrian tourism sector, including aspects such as facility management, event organisation and horse care.

Our partners are:

Crea360 (Spain, coordinator) and 4 more partners: • Italy • Portugal • Slovenia